Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices… coming this October

Enter at Your Own Risk:

Old Masters, New Voices

An anthology of Dark Fiction

Edited by:

Dr. Alex Scully

Old Masters, New Voices: Looking into the dark past, Enter at Your Own Risk resurrects the Gothic masters and for the first time, they meet their modern counterparts. Poe, de Maupassant, Bierce, Lovecraft, Stoker and more walk the haunted literary halls with B.E. Scully, Carole Gill, Joshua Skye, Mari Adkins, Edward Medina, John A. Karr, E.P. Berglund, A.A. Garrison, Robbie Anderson, David Thomas, Alex McDermott, Nicky Peacock, Drew Keaton, and Benjamin Sperduto. Enter… at your own risk…


Coming this October!